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Florence, Tuscany

Every product is made at the hub of the best leather handbags manufacturing facilities in the world – Florence, Tuscany. This means a tradition of leather making that is handed down from generation to generation, fare wages and good working conditions for factory employees, and the best quality for your customers.

Mercato San Lorenzo, Firenze

Mercato San Lorenzo, Firenze

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volume capabilities

3 factories: merged into 1 large production facility for a more streamlined, front-to-back production process.

150+ employees: 150 full-time skilled employees, plus a network of 250 contractors deliver an average of 20,000 quality bags per month.

30% additional capacity: our production facility is flexible enough to increase its production capacity by an additional 30% in the event an expansion is needed.

4 US contacts: our US team will work with you to ensure all client requirements are met in a timely manner.


Prototype Making: we work with world class designers to develop new samples based on client tech packs - free of charge if certain order amount is achieved.

Raw Material Optimization: the factory has invested in ultra modern machines (CAD and CAC for example) to enable production efficiency which in turn optimizes the use of leather and reduces waste.

Flexible Delivery Service: we offer varies FOB options according to client’s preference. We will send the finished goods to any location you desire, whether that’s to 5 different warehouses or to 30 of your shops – we are flexible (additional fees apply).

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Social Responsibility

Our factory employees come from diverse backgrounds, including refugees who have recently fled from extreme poverty and conflict zones. And we are proud of that.

Our production facility offers up-to-date amenities, providing every one of our employees with a clean, safe, and organized working environment.

In addition, as an LGBT business enterprise italostile is committed to promoting diversity and equality by donating 5% of its profits to the Human Rights Campaign.

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