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Home goods manufacturing

Home Goods Manufacturing

Made In Italy

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The textile factory background:

Made In Italy

The factory - based in the outskirts of Florence, Italy - is a family -run business which employs 25 full -time artisans who have been manufacturing top -notch home -goods (bedding sheets, duvets, blankets etc) for many US and European brands such as Williams Sonoma since 2003.

Products offered:


• All estimates above are based of our current capacity on a monthly basis. Exact quantity depends on the specific style. All items include labeling, and packaged in cardboard boxes ready to be shipped.

• Our production facility is flexible enough to increase its production capacity by an additional 30-40% in the event an expansion is needed (with reasonable advance notice)

• Minimum Order Quantity – 100 per style

• Prototype – Free of Charge!

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Manufacturing for:

The factory has had a proven manufacturing track record

Every project is special. We understand each customer has their own style and there are a dozen ways to finish a pillowcase or sew the corners of a tablecloth. We have the experience and the willingness to work with our customers in creating a mix of products that are best suited to them.

In 2018, the factory proudly delivered 15,000 set of bedding sheets and duvets, 70,000 table cloths and table runners, and over 1,000,000 napkins, to name a few.


A vertically integrated business model gives customers direct access to the factory, providing ultra flexibility and cost benefits


US Based Contact

While products are entirely made in Italy, having US based contacts means you can communicate directly with us without dealing with the difference in time zone. We also love Italy so we are more than happy to travel there whenever it’s needed!

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