Our Story

Our story

The mid-range leather goods market often touts Italian quality and style to entice customers. But it’s virtually impossible to find affordable, Italian-made leather goods in retail shops.

We founded italostile in early 2019 to address this paradox. “Lo stile” is “style” in Italian, and our name reflects our mission of promoting Italian style by getting more Italian-made goods on retail shelves.

Our Mission

Our elegant, handcrafted designs are accessible to a wide range of consumers who demand uncompromising style and quality, and who want the made-in-Italy label without the made-in-Italy markup.

By working with you to create private-label goods that will differentiate your brands and diversify your product portfolio, we can help you to fulfill the needs of consumers who want Italian quality that doesn’t break the bank.



Eric Liao was born into a family of Chinese entrepreneurs and raised in Florence, Italy, where he learned to appreciate the elegance of Italian fashion and developed a deep understanding of Italian luxury manufacturing.

After three years as a finance professional at Deutsche Bank in New York and Hong Kong, he decided to become an entrepreneur, working in the fashion space to make handmade Italian products into an affordable luxury.

Adham Azab is an Egyptian-American French lit Ph.D. with a passion for cross-cultural communication and a genetic interest in entrepreneurship.

After 10 years in academia at Tufts and Columbia University, he decided to turn his experience in research, consulting, and teaching into a new business venture with his longtime friend, Eric Liao.