Private Label Modification

YOU are the expert on your customer. We know that.

That’s why we want to work with you to create your private label designs as you see fit.

Of course, we can make designs exclusive, too.

If you have a vision for your customers, let us help you to make it a reality.

Choose the right leather for your lifestyle.

  • Sauvage

  • Saffiano

  • Suede

  • Palmellato

  • Dollaro

  • Ruga

Possible changes to create the perfect fit for your brand.

  • colors

  • leather finish

  • lining types and thickness

  • strap types and lengths, width, closures, accessories, and more.

Leather samples


Please note: every monitor and printer displays the above color charts differently. Colors may not be accurate on your monitor or printer. Ask for physical samples!